Information for peer-reviewers:
About Spectrum's peer review system:
Spectrum uses a double-blind peer review process. All submissions will be reviewed by three reviewers:

1. One undergraduate reviewer in a related discipline, who primarily assesses the technical quality of the submission (undergraduate specialist reviewer)

2. One undergraduate reviewer in an unrelated discipline, who primarily assesses the interdisciplinary aspects of the research and the overall accessibility of the submission to a broad, interdisciplinary audience (undergraduate general reviewer)

3. One graduate (or higher) reviewer in a related discipline, who provides an overall assessment of the submission and supports the undergraduate reviewers as needed


Peer Review Positions:

We are seeking undergraduate and graduate students, from a variety of disciplines, for reviewer positions to provide feedback on 1-2 submissions to Spectrum. All reviewers will be tasked with evaluating the merit of submissions made to the journal using a review template and providing constructive feedback for authors about how to improve their submissions.

Additionally, Graduate reviewers will support undergraduate reviewers who are evaluating the same submission. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the publication and peer review process from the inside out.


Time Commitment: 

The estimated time commitment for these positions is approximately 5-10 hours during a 2-3 week review period. The peak season for reviews is expected to be early Winter (Jan-Feb) 2020; however, reviews could be assigned at other times as well.
All candidates must have a minimum satisfactory academic standing

Specialist reviewers must be able to demonstrate sufficient technical knowledge of the discipline to provide a meaningful review. Preference will be given to students who have completed at least 60* credits of study and/or have previous research experience

Graduate reviewers must have completed at least one year of graduate study (at Master’s or PhD level) with a GPA of at least 3.0.


How to register as a reviewer:

Please complete this Google Form to create a reviewer profile.  Reviewers are encouraged to register by November 1, 2019 to be considered for the next busy review period; however, registrations are welcome at any time. 

Reviewer assignments are at the discretion of the Spectrum Editorial Board. Given the variety of submissions Spectrum receives, we cannot guarantee that every reviewer will be assigned a submission in each review period.

Reviewers who are invited to participate in reviews will automatically be registered in Spectrum's submission system ( and all editorial correspondence will take place through the submission system.



Spectrum is in the process of developing a workshop for new peer reviewers (to be offered in Fall 2019). We will notify all reviewers in our database when this training is available. In the meantime, we recommend the following free resources for new reviewers:

Nature Masterclass - Focus on Peer Review (free, registration required):

PKP School - Becoming a Reviewer (free, registration required):